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Conrad van OrtonConrad van Orton

We have made an interview to get to know this super talent a bit better. Enjoy! - First time in the Netherlands! Exited? Hi! It's always a pleasure to have the chance to visit north european countries, countries of the world that I love. This time then, it's a gig so I'm very excited! - When was the first time you actually came in contact with electronic music? Since when I was a child, I was quite fascinated by the Djing world, both for what concerned hip hop and for what concerned the club music panorama. This happened because of a neighbor of mine (a dear friend who is now deceased) that as a little older than me and he owned a couple of turntables. 
The turning point was the release of the album "Homework" of Daft Punk, the effect of which was primarily to change the way I listen to music, looking beyond the simple "dance floor" function , and beginning, although unknowingly , to appreciate the narrative and aesthetic part of it. - What DJ's/Liveacts inspired you the most to start making/playing techno? Depending on the times I have shifted the focus of more than one artist/character.
An artist that I could define as a key to my path may be Richie Hawtin, brought to my attention by Francesco Visconti (VSK) the first time that we were hanging out togheter, about ten years ago.Hawtin was a breath of fresh air for me, and I think a bit for the whole music scene in question. He was able to give shape to a genre and a current in all its forms, by promoting (I think for the sake of the market, but I don't criticize it) new ways of producing music, and play it, combining the elegance and usability same time.
After him came others of course. Today I can say I'm fascinated by the elegance of Peter Van Hoesen, the modernity of the whole Stroboscopic Artefacts and of the spanish artists and by the incisiveness of the English scene but the list could be very long. - What are the 3 key ingredients that make a party great? I think that three elements are not enough to describe a good party. Perhaps we can sum it all up in the triptych of: good music, a lively but polite audience and an emotional and empathic high voltage.- What track is the absolute hammer at the moment? I do not know what to tell you, I did not even have a favorite record ever. But I can say that the last time I played I really enjoyed myself with "Endlessness" by Minilogue. Another song that I particularly like is VSK, is called "Commander Of Nowhere" and will be released on a vinyl VA, produced by Newrythmics (Joton's label). - A lot has changed if you take a look at the scene nowadays. Whats the biggest one in your opinion? Any particular likes/dislikes you see around you? It's something I think about often , and just as often I discuss with friends and "colleagues" about it.
The reflectors are all focused from many years on Berlin, it is useless to deny it. And even if at this moment is very overused, it's a city that I love very much for various reasons : starting with the great possibilities that it still offers ( in such a difficult period for all), until its very high degree of civilization , even in the most extreme situations. However I would not call it the center of the scene, but perhaps the center of the clubbing. The artistic community of Berlin is composed of elements from all over the world, the music that is played in clubs may have been composed in a small room in a remote village in Sicily or in Portugal the night before, also thanks to the current means that technology offers us. The real scene is in the heads of those who produce music and make it available to those who play, which in turn, in that role, are considered to be spokespersons for the scene.
There isn't a real capital of techno, in my opinion, because that would be too restrictive for a whole host of other places and collectives that are growing and are settling in other corners of the globe. The nations that are of more my interest at this time are England and Spain. - What is really not-done in 2014 and what are the absolute musts for this freshly started year? To say that something has not been done is perhaps a bit 'soon. But I can tell you what I want: the scene is pretty solid and well cultivated in several European countries, including your own, which is home to several parties of international importance, and for example a solid and now historical distribution of vinyl.
What I would like for the scene, moves all my attention on Rome. A city full of warmth and artistic ferment in many ways, including our own, but victim of administrative and social problems not negligible. 
I would like a little more freedom, but I wish the Roman crowds learn to deserve it, as in much of it is already doing, leaving the club out of the violence and excesses of all kinds. IIt's a couple of years, however,that I see, in the sea of shit that is engulfing this country, that something is moving in the right direction.
It is full of new parties, all very popular and the people is prepared on the subject, the people move out of the house by the desire to listen to a particular artist. I must say also, and with great pleasure, that recently I'm noticing a new interest in the local artists, the roman artists, which is a nice surprise for me, after years of reckless xenophilia. - What in life inspires you the most, besides music itself? And why? All I see and that I live in a day, the feelings predominate in a given period. Love, hate, anger, frustration, joy, satisfaction, fatigue, and all the infinite universe of emotions that accompains the life of a human being. The human experience is the first element of inspiration, and immediately afterwards the music itself, as you said. I do not consider myself a pioneer of anything, so it is obvious that more than once I was inspired to things already done in the past.But in our way of working there is a key element: while we compose a song we inevitably listen to it, often while loop runs for dozens of minutes. This is already a source of inspiration. What you're listening to arises an emotion, that provoke a creative fluxus and so on. What you listen to when you're producing it's a catalyst of the wealth of experiences that you bring inside you. Or at least for me it is. - What can people expect from your dutch debut at Schwung? I hope to establish a contact with the people who will attend the event, which is basically one of the main duties of those who hold my position.
I I do not know exactly what time I get the chance to perform, but I always try to take with me as much music as possible, to have the ability to adapt it to the atmosphere that I find when I start playing, and especially for not having to deprive the chance to play exactly what I'd like to hear if I was in the audience. In the end, before being a DJ or a producer I am a clubber. - Anything last words you want to say to your future dutch audience? I'll do my best, thank you for this wonderful opportunity. See you in Amsterdam!


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Schwung is an Amsterdam based event organization founded by Folker Zwart. It started its techno parties in 2010 in the legendary small and dark bunker in Amsterdam North.

Throughout the years Schwung has lifted itself to a new level with big techno line ups, intimate parties with great shows and a super good atmosphere.

Our goals is to bring back the true pure parties, meant for the true music lovers.