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Memnok (AKA Jeremy Brown) born August, 1973. He began experimenting at an early age with sound. “I remember at a very young age trying to get lower notes out of our piano and making sounds with the filter on our little Casio keyboard. Even when I was young most of my time was spent in front of computers. I've always liked new technology and that used as an extension of ones inner creativity and expression, in the world of music, is a very powerful and moving thing to me. ” Growing up around many horror and sci-fi films. He had always felt at home with anything dark and was always drawn toward synthetic sound. He grew up in Muskegon, MI and at the time with no internet he had little influence. It wasn't until the mid 90's were he was finally introduced to techno music. In the late 90's he made regular trips to Grand Rapids, buying and mixing records from artists like Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Henrik B , and Chris Liebing. Around the year 2003 he was introduced to minimal. He purchased Jabberjaw – Girlfriend and was hooked. “I was instantly captivated, buying stuff from Dimbiman, Pantytec, Plastikman, Baby Ford and later Gaiser. I loved mixing this music and it just seemed like the next obvious step”. In 2007 his brother passed away. “I made a promise right then and there to dedicate my life to music. My brothers life's pursuit was music and in essence I feel I am picking up the torch. Hopefully I will be able to run with it and keep it lit. ” Jeremy moved to Grand Rapids, MI in 2008 and in early 2009 he started the project Memnok. In April of 2010, he along with his friend Duky formed the label Fourth Kind. Fourth Kind has had a string of successful releases covering many styles and genres of music. Presently he is working on launching his new label “HEX”. “I am hoping in time this will become more than just a label. I have a specific sound in mind. A sound that has developed over the years from doing Dj sets. I find quite a few Artists that collectively make up this sound and I hope to bring more of them to Hex in the future".


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Schwung is an Amsterdam based event organization founded by Folker Zwart. It started its techno parties in 2010 in the legendary small and dark bunker in Amsterdam North.

Throughout the years Schwung has lifted itself to a new level with big techno line ups, intimate parties with great shows and a super good atmosphere.

Our goals is to bring back the true pure parties, meant for the true music lovers.