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Schwung Podcast 02 by Loco & Jam Schwung Podcast 02 by Loco & Jam

Behind the Artist Interview with Loco & Jam   Hey guys, Thanks for doing the ADE Schwung podcast for us. We have got a couple of questions for you to introduce you to the people.  Who are you, where are you from and what are you doing at the moment? We are Northern Irish Based Techno duo made up of Lloyd Reid & James Peoples... We live in the same town in Northern Ireland and decided to hook up in the studio together back in 2007 after playing back to back with each other at a party and realizing we had a very similar musical taste. Since then we have had releases and remixes on some great Techno labels including MB Elektronics, Analytic Trail, 1605, Rekluse, 303Lovers, Respekt, Sleaze, Phobiq as well as our own CODE imprint and have remixed some of Techno's Biggest names including UMEK, MARCO BAILEY, TOM HADES, DJ PIERRE, ELECTRIC RESCUE, MARK ANTONIO, ERPHUN, LUCCA ti name but a few.. We have also been lucky enough to play a lot of amazing clubs and festivals worldwide. Right now we are working on a lot of new L & J material in the studio and also we have a new Remix ready to drop this month for David Christoph on Driving Forces as well as our new single " Estadio" ready to be released on Spektre's Respekt imprint. We are also preparing to play at Sol festival in Spain in just over 2 weeks alongside some of our heroes Technasia, Surgeon, A Guy Called Gerald and Kenny Larkin and of coarse are super excited about our 2 ADE gigs this year for Switch & Schwung.   Can you tell us something about your label CODE?  We started CODE back in 2010 with a simple goal to release good music. We don't care if the artist profile is big or small as long as the music is of high quality and its something we would play in a Loco & Jam set. Since then we have released an amazing catalogue of releases from up-coming and major artists including Subfractal, Gennaro Le fosse, Tom Hades, Steve Parker, Snello, Henry Von, Sesimal D, Kalden Bess, Audio Injection, BlazV, Dualtec, Anthony Castaldo & Redhead & Tom Laws We also have some huge releases on the way from Mays & Patrique, Miniminds, Kontra, Drumcomplex and more. Its a great platform for us also to release our music because if we need to release something quick to fill in gaps between our release we can and we have 100% control over the music..   What is a typical Loco & Jam sound?  We like to describe our sound as " Stadium Techno " .. Its Peak time Techno but never without groove always designed for the Big Room or festival.   How do you see your dj career in ten years from now?  I hope that in 10 years we are still releasing on great labels, still playing worldwide and still have the same drive and passion for the music. We would also like to be able to push new artists names through our label CODE also.   How is the techno scene in Ireland?  Sadly the Techno scene in Ireland is not great, We do play some good parties here including our own CODE Party but the majority of our gigs are not here.   Have you played in the Netherlands before?  No we have never played the Netherlands before so this is a first. We have heard only great things about the Dutch crowd so we are super excited and really looking forwrad to it.   Schwung represents itself as an underground dark minimal techno organization, what do you expect from the party and the crowd? From what we hear about the Schwung parties we are expecting a musically educated crowd with a passion for proper Techno and we hope to put on a show that will certainly satisfy their taste buds!!!   Thank you for your time and we are really looking forward to have you at our party on 21 october!


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Schwung is an Amsterdam based event organization founded by Folker Zwart. It started its techno parties in 2010 in the legendary small and dark bunker in Amsterdam North.

Throughout the years Schwung has lifted itself to a new level with big techno line ups, intimate parties with great shows and a super good atmosphere.

Our goals is to bring back the true pure parties, meant for the true music lovers.